Spring Summer 2021: The Silk Road

The TAIANA collection celebrates silk, used in blends and its pure state for women and men. A sort of technical and stylistic tribute to a fiber that has made TAIANA famous throughout the years.

The mould is unmatched. Unmistakable. It is the signature style of TAIANA fabrics that has made them stand out and distinguish themselves in every corner of the planet since 1933. Within this there is an extraordinary story of Italian excellence, Como to be precise, to underline a belonging that is not accidental. Everything stems from the design department's incessant research and marked sensitivity that manages to intercept new expressions and the most innovative of languages that will define collections of the future. Then there is the production which always manages to make a difference and today, beyond the internal supply chain, a sort of ethical and environmental agenda is necessary, and TAIANA has always been seen as being one step ahead of things regarding this issue. This approach is not limited to the simple use of sustainable yarns but is one that instead permeates the entire production phase and above all the company structure, with all the necessary certifications, such as the extremely strict ISO 14001. It is a factor of company culture values and an attitude.