Our company

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio works with the aim of achieving the complete satisfaction of the requirements of its customers.

For this reason, it is a responsible and competent partner in the search for the best solution in the field of fabrics.

All technological means, human resources and know-how developed in over 90 years of activity are at the disposal of customers who intend to achieve the best results in terms of quality, speed and complete satisfaction of the market.

Our Vision and our Mission


Bring innovation in the performance and appearance of fabrics, with a team of passionate and motivated people, working in partnership with customers, and leaving a better world than we borrowed.


To produce woven fabrics in partnership with the most established leading innovation brands through a dynamic and flexible process.

Our history

In 1933, in the Como village of Olgiate Comasco, Virgilio Taiana started in his first loom.
The context was truly fitting: the tradition and culture of textiles in this region is long-standing, something that is quite unique in the world.

It is a small industrial universe made of dyeing, printing and weaving: an economic phenomenon that finds its success in the hard work, intelligence and creativity of the people of this region.
85 years on, the company remains faithful to its human values and to the craftsmanship and cultural legacy that these people left us so that we can continue to develop their work.

Environmental policy

Taiana is convinced that safeguarding the environment is essential for ethical and aware business, both now and in the years to come.

This conviction, coupled with its ethical social commitment, also represents a competitive strength for the company for the upcoming years.

This is why Taiana has devised an integrated eco-sustainability process called R.R.R. based on the principles of ISO14001 and sees environmental management as a dominant feature of every stage in the production cycle, which it undertakes with a holistic approach.

This means the company will continue to keep its guard up in relation to these issues at every stage in the process, making sure that all of its employees are engaged and cooperate actively with suppliers and customers in these areas.

This decisive company policy can be seen in its following commitments:

  • Ensure compliance with national, EU and international legislation in relation to the Environment and its preservation
  • to guarantee a growing attention in the environmental field at every stage of the process, raising awareness among all employees and suppliers in a "Life Cycle Perspective", which can avoid involuntary displacement in another phase of the life cycle of the product of any environmental impacts generated
  • progressively reduce the environmental impacts of the organization, direct and indirect, with particular attention to a low energy impact production through an accurate choice of the most advanced productive machinery in terms of energy efficiency
  • favor the aspects of "circularity" in the design and production phases of their own fabrics
  • Use of production waste to avoid waste
  • favor the progressive reduction of the use of water in the production phases through dyeing with low-use processes such as yarn-dyed productions and preferring "dry" printing and finishing processes
  • use environmentally responsible suppliers, defining applicable types and control activities
  • select and prefer, where possible, the workings of suppliers located in a neighboring geographical area
  • maintenance and increase of Oeko-tex certified products
  • try to use an increasing number of eco-sustainable raw materials such as post consumer recycled yarns and fibers or yarns produced from Natural origin (Biopolymers) and biodegradable by inserting them in a specific project called Relyfe fabrics
  • make constant efforts to reduce the use of potentially dangerous chemicals for the environment, paying great attention to the controlled management of these substances throughout the entire supply and production chain
  • favor the optimization of shipments and logistics to reduce the environmental impact of transporting their products

The company policy has been developed in collaboration with the employees and adopted in the carrying on of all our business. This policy is shared with stakeholders in line with the company policy that goes beyond simple compliance with the legal requirements to identify voluntary practices and conduct in the conviction that we can achieve results with broad ranging benefits and advantages for the company itself and the world in which it operates.

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